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Virginia Real Estate Sale Attorneys

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The state of Virginia has laws mandating the involvement of a real estate attorney. You deserve the best. Our exceptional Virginia real estate sale attorneys are here to ensure that your purchase is made in a peaceful manner that is fair and amenable to all parties. At Randall & Bruch, PC, our experienced staff will help you navigate through all the legal challenges of purchasing or selling a property. Call 757-742-6115 today.

Types Of Real Estate Transactions

Virginia real estate law can be challenging. Our sales attorneys cover a wide array of real estate transactions, including:

  • Commercial and residential transactions: When you need to close on your land or property, timeliness is vital. Once the purchase funds are paid and the deed is signed over, the mountain of paperwork can seem daunting. We can help explain every document that you sign and ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.
  • Land use and zoning: These transactions can get complicated very quickly. Turn to our real estate sale attorneys to stay up to date on current zoning laws. If you need to obtain permission to build, our experienced lawyers are here to assist.
  • Residential and commercial leasing: Leasing allows the user certain usage rights in a specified amount of time. Negotiations are crucial for you to reach your goals. Our real estate sales lawyers can negotiate on your behalf, advise you of your rights, review the terms of the contract and explain any documents riddled with legal jargon. It is important that you understand all the documents you sign. Our advice is essential, especially when contracts are long and detailed. You need to protect your rights before signing anything. We can help.
  • Property tax appeals: Cities will increase property taxes based on the value of your home. If you have recently been assessed and believe that the tax increase is in error, you have the right to appeal. Our experienced staff will advocate for you in court and protect your rights.
  • Litigation: Litigation is a stressful experience. You need an attorney you can trust to fight for your side. Virginia real estate litigation needs an experienced and skillful attorney to safeguard your rights.
  • Banking and financial services: Any real estate sales transaction will have a large amount of paperwork. Sometimes, financial, legal or loan documents or agreements are needed. Our attorneys can negotiate loans, draft documents and offer sound advice.

Our Virginia Real Estate Sales Attorneys Are Here For You

It is essential to obtain the advice of an experienced real estate attorney for any property transactions. Real estate, whether residential or commercial, is often the largest purchase you will make. You need a skilled and experienced attorney by your side to safeguard your interests in negotiations and when drafting a contract. Our Virginia real estate sales attorneys will be your advocates, explain any contracts or paperwork, terminate any unwanted contracts and, overall, minimize your risk in your investment. Consult our highly sought Virginia real estate law lawyers today by clicking here or calling 757-742-6115.