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Emporia Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Facing criminal charges could change your life forever. However, there are ways to defend yourself, and an Emporia criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid a costly conviction. Randall & Bruch, PC is a professional team of criminal lawyers with a collective 85 years of experience advocating for freedom and the future prospects of their clients. Call our Emporia office today if you have been charged with a criminal offense and need strategic representation.

Why Do I Need a Defense Attorney in Emporia, VA?

An experienced Virginia defense attorney can help you fight for a positive outcome in your case. A skilled attorney can fight for:

  • Case dismissal
  • Probation
  • Reduced charges and fines
  • Avoided jail or prison time
  • Reduced bail
  • First-time offender remedies, leaving you with no criminal record
  • Deferred prosecution, perhaps involving substance abuse treatment, anger management counseling, or restitution

How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer in Emporia, Virginia

Go Local

Randall & Bruch, PC has a convenient office located just down the street from the Emporia/Greensville Courthouse. Our lawyers know the local and state laws, the prosecutors and their methods, and the judges. We have the experience and local knowledge to know what will work in court and what will not.

Evaluate Experience and Track Record

Randall & Bruch, PC has 85 years of collective experience in Virginia criminal defense. We have successfully handled many cases over the years and are committed to putting our clients’ needs first.

Schedule a Consultation

It is perfectly okay to not feel entirely comfortable with the first attorney you try out, so use your initial consultation to evaluate attorneys before committing to working with them.

Randall & Bruch, PC Can Defend You in Your Emporia Criminal Case

Randall & Bruch can defend you from a variety of criminal charges, including but certainly not limited to:

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost in Emporia, VA?

The cost of a criminal lawyer in Emporia will vary based on the case details. The following factors will affect the overall cost:

  • The severity of the crime
  • The experience of the attorney
  • The complexity of your case
  • The location of your crime

How Does Virginia Differentiate Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor?

In Virginia, a felony is an offense punishable by prison time of at least one year, while a misdemeanor is punishable by jail time of less than twelve months.

Understanding Probation and Pretrial Services Supervision in Emporia, VA

There are two main ways for someone incarcerated in Virginia to be released: probation and pretrial services supervision. It is also important to note that Virginia does not offer parole except in very specific circumstances.

  • Probation is an alternative to incarceration and is ordered at sentencing.
  • Pretrial services supervision allows judges to release defendants who have been arrested for a crime and are awaiting trial. The judge sets the conditions that the defendant must meet, which can include regular check-ins with a pretrial supervision officer, drug testing, and more.

Will Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Make Me Look Guilty?

No, hiring a criminal defense lawyer will not make you look guilty. You have a constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer, and it is your freedom to exercise this right if you wish. You should do so because an experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights and fight for a more favorable outcome in your case.

What Does a Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A Virginia criminal defense lawyer has several responsibilities and can offer the following legal services:

  • Case evaluation
  • Case investigation
  • Legal representation, counsel, and advice
  • Negotiations with prosecutors and discussions about plea bargains
  • Trial prep and defense
  • Post-trial motions and appeals

Should I Represent Myself in an Emporia Criminal Case?

No, you should not represent yourself in a criminal case. The old saying, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client,” originated for a reason. The prosecutor has extensive legal knowledge and experience, so you will want someone with just as much knowledge advocating for your side.

Dedicated Emporia Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Know Virginia Law

Randall & Bruch is intimately familiar with Virginia law. Hear what some clients had to say about working with us.


“Such a professional and courteous staff. I’m no fan of lawyers, attorneys, or our legal system because it is broken, but this firm has my respect. Thank goodness for the good ones!” — Sacheem S.

“Professionalism at its finest. 1# law firm in VA hands-down.” — Tank M.

Seize the Moment. Connect With a Fierce Defense Attorney Today

Randall & Bruch, PC has a collective 85 years of experience working with criminal law in Emporia, Virginia, and we can put our experience to work for you. We are here to help you defend your side of the story. Call 434-336-9090 or email us to schedule an initial consultation.

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Written By Jack T. Randall


As lifelong resident of Western Tidewater, Jack Randall is a local attorney who wants the best results for his clients. He is an experienced and aggressive attorney with focus on family law, criminal and traffic law, as well as personal injury law cases.