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Understanding Your Child Support Order

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Going through a divorce or separation is difficult, particularly when there are children involved. One of the most important aspects of a separation or divorce is to deal with child support issues in an adequate and fair manner.

At Randall & Bruch, PC, our Virginia child support attorneys regularly help clients in and around the Southampton, Emporia, Brunswick, and Suffolk areas. We are ready to help you with your child support matters today.

Why Is Child Support Necessary?

Child support payments are necessary for the appropriate care of a child and the fulfillment of their basic needs. These payments help cover necessities such as clothing, food, shelter, education expenses, and supplies.

Virginia takes child support very seriously, and a refusal to pay court-ordered child support could result in serious legal consequences for the parent who does not pay.

What Is Taken Into Consideration When Calculating Child Support?

Various factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount of child support that needs to be paid from one parent to the other. The child support formula in Virginia is based on several of the following factors:

  • The income of both parents
  • Number of children
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Child care expenses
  • Number of days the child is with each parent

Can You Modify Child Support Payments?

Under Virginia law, requests to modify child support payments can be made to the family law court if circumstances have changed substantially since the original order was put into place.

Some of the various reasons that child support can be modified, according to Virginia Code §20-108, include the following:

  • If the paying parent loses their job
  • If the income of the parent who pays child support decreases substantially (25% or more loss)
  • If either parent gets a substantial raise or gets a higher-paying job
  • If either parent inherits a substantial amount of money
  • If there is a substantial increase in income of the paying parent (25% or more increase)
  • If a child develops a disability or is suffering from severe health issues that require additional care
  • If there are substantial increases (at least 25% or more) in the child’s health or dental insurance premiums

If you think you have grounds to petition the court for a modification of child support payments, you need to speak to a skilled child support lawyer in Virginia as soon as possible. Do not make changes based on a verbal agreement with the other parent outside of a court order mandating the change. Any oral agreements are not enforceable.

Call For A Consultation On Child Support

If you need assistance with any child support concerns in Virginia, it is wise to speak to a Virginia family law attorney. At Randall & Bruch, PC, we know how challenging issues of child custody and support can be, and we want you to be treated fairly.

Our child support attorneys in Virginia have experience helping clients in Hampton Roads and Southeastern Virginia, and we will be your advocates. You can complete a simple online form to request a free consultation or call 757-742-6115.

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Written By Jack T. Randall


As lifelong resident of Western Tidewater, Jack Randall is a local attorney who wants the best results for his clients. He is an experienced and aggressive attorney with focus on family law, criminal and traffic law, as well as personal injury law cases.