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What are some of the most dangerous roads in Virginia?

One way to reduce traffic accidents is to know which roads present the greatest dangers and to take extra precautions when traveling along those routes or, if possible, to avoid them altogether. A national study of traffic deaths in the U.S. conducted between 2015 and 2019 contains some helpful data for Virginia drivers concerned with traffic safety. The five most dangerous highways in Virginia according to this study are:

#1: US-460

The most dangerous highway in Virginia is US-460, with 128 total fatalities during the study period. The Virginia county with the most traffic deaths along this highway was Dinwiddie County.

#2: US-58

There were also 128 fatalities along this road, although the fatality-per-accident rate was slightly lower than it was for US-460. The most dangerous county along this route was the City of Suffolk.

#3: Interstate 64

There were 120 traffic fatalities along this route during the study period. The most dangerous Virginia county along I-64 was Cabell County.

#4: Interstate 81

Frederick County contained the most dangerous stretch of I-81 in Virginia. There were 109 traffic fatalities along I-81 in Virginia during the study period.

#5: Interstate 95

The stretch of I-95 that saw the most traffic deaths ran through Caroline County. There were a total of 106 traffic deaths in Virginia along this highway during the study period.

Taking strides toward safer travel

Virginians can take some pride in the relative safety of our roads. Our most dangerous highways, US-460 and US-58, were tied for only the 55th most dangerous highway on the national list. Nonetheless, every traffic injury or fatality is a tragedy, and we must do everything we can to make our roads safer.

When an accident does occur, injury victims and their family members should know their legal options. Compensation may be available and can help those who are suffering pay bills and rebuild their lives after a tragic motor vehicle accident.

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Written By Jack T. Randall


As lifelong resident of Western Tidewater, Jack Randall is a local attorney who wants the best results for his clients. He is an experienced and aggressive attorney with focus on family law, criminal and traffic law, as well as personal injury law cases.